Like winter, the long-awaited Lunchpool pilot is coming


It’s finally time! The app we have been building since the beginning of the year is ready for testing and we’re more excited than a Targaryan Queen watching her baby dragons hatch into the world.

At lunchtime today, we will be giving access to Lunchpool’s app to 50+ people for our Friends & Family Alpha Test.  With their help, we’ll be able gather some great feedback on how to continue building, polishing, and “awesome”izing the app so that it can really soar like Drogon over King’s Landing.



We are extremely grateful for all the feedback we have gotten from the startup community in Tampa Bay and can’t wait to hear what users think about the app. The users who have opted in are friends, family, co-workers, professionals, and tech experts. We have truly selected a diverse and dynamic set of users that will provide us with the information we need to perfect our product/service.

During this test period, the team will be using analytics to discover how the participants use the app, watching how they connect with each other, and evaluating how user friendly it is. We will also be using surveys and interviews to understand the quality of the product. No feedback will go unheard, nor will any ideas be ignored or unaddressed. We want to hear it all!

Want to be a part of the alpha? Send an email (or a raven if that’s your style)  to our friendly lunch break enforcer at (Full disclosure: Alpha participation is limited only to the Tampa Bay area for us to ensure maximum network effect. If you’re outside of the area, please fill out our beta request form and we will be reaching out once we wrap up the initial alpha test pilots!)



So as the internet world continues to discuss the climactic (or was it anticlimactic) ending of 8 years of Game of Thrones, we will be lunching our way to glory and feasting like a wild horde of Dothraki warriors!


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