Build awesome connections while

Use our award-winning app to build stronger connections in the workplace over shared food, drink or exercise. Your next break could lead to your next breakthrough!

What exactly is Lunchpool?

Lunchpool is an award-winning web/app-based platform that helps employees of high-growth organizations get to know one another through informal networking so they can do better work. 

Here are just a few of the awards we've won so far:

1st Place Winner

2018 TechStars Startup Weekend Tampa Bay

Top 3

2019 TechStars Tampa Bay Startup Week Startup Showcase


Y Combinator Startup School

Award Recipient

American Inno's Tampa Inno 2019 50 on Fire Award Ceremony

1st Place Winner

2018 TechStars Startup Weekend Tampa Bay

Top 3 Startups

2019 TechStars Tampa Bay Startup Week


Y Combinator Startup School

on Fire

American Inno's Tampa Inno 2019 Award Ceremony

How Lunchpool Works

  1. 1

    Reserve your organization's private lunchpool network

    We'll create an environment exclusively for your employees to connect
  2. 2

    Invite your employees to join the fun

    Spread the word that the platform is available for download.
  3. 3

    Create & update profiles

    Employees can network via the Lunchpool app or using our web version.
  4. 4

    Sit back as connections form

    Lunchpool helps coworkers find colleagues with interests and goals in common. It's so easy!

Our newly released mobile app allows for lunchpooling on-the-go!

People are talking about lunch again

We are bringing attention to the important need for better breaking habits in the workplace. As we work to end the “desktop dining epidemic” and encourage healthier balance, we’ve stirred up quite a bit of buzz.

Tampa Bay Morning Blend on ABC Action News: Lunchpool

Lunchpool takes a crack at undoing the “desktop dining epidemic”

KnowBe4 beta tests new app that aims to change lunch hour

“Catch yourself dining at your desk? You’re not alone.”
“Clearly lunchpool is doing far more than helping people to grab lunch.”
“Are you simply tired of eating salads alone at your desk? Lunchpool is the app that connects you to lunchmates.”

Better culture starts with Lunchpool

Discover why the most people-focused teams are embracing shared breaks as the secret key to unlock higher levels of engagement, retention, and productivity than ever before.
Better Communication
Increased Productivity
More Positivity
Improved Onboarding
Greater knowledge exchange
Higher Job Satisfaction

Healthier Staff


Superior Engagement

Kick up the connections

See how your company can onboard new employees faster and strengthen connections between everyone in your office!