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Our app makes it easy to unlock communication and connection across even the busiest offices for happier, healthier, and more productive employees.


We're offering a risk-free pilot program to select Tampa Bay offices for a limited time!

Benefits for your organization

Happier Employees

When employees feel disconnected, they feel disengaged. Try Lunchpool to unlock herculean levels of engagement.

Healthy Work Culture

By promoting proper break habits, employee connectivity, and self-organized socialization we can help build the healthy office of your dreams.

Stronger Connections

There is no better way to meaningfully connect than over a shared meal. No hangry employees furiously working through lunch. We make it easy.

More Productivity

You have a company of busy bees. Imagine how much sweeter the honey when they all work together across departmental divides.

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“Our company is growing like crazy and we have a tendency to spread out a bit. We’re in two buildings and multiple floors. Lunchpool gives an opportunity for newly onboarded staff to get to know each other on a casual basis.”​
Kathy Wattman
Vice President of PR

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