Take more breaks, meet interesting people.

Whether you are looking to get to know your colleagues better or simply want to expand your social circle, Lunchpool's award-winning app can help get you connected face-to-face.

What our users are saying

We’re currently beta testing in Tampa Bay, FL’s top people-focused organizations. See what the users are saying.

"Lunchpool is amazing for getting to know your coworkers better!"

Sales Manager
Tampa, FL

"It gives an opportunity for newly onboarded staff to get to know each other on a casual basis."

Vice President
Clearwater, FL

"I learned more about my coworker in 50 minutes than I have in an entire year!"

Marketing Manager
St. Petersburg, FL

"It's a match made in heaven! We're growing fast and Lunchpool helps immensely!"

Senior Executive
Tampa, FL

"I felt genuinely engaged and more connected, and immediately signed up for another lunchpool the very next day!"

Sales Support Supervisor
St. Petersburg, FL

"This is a genius idea to bring everyone together again since not all staff can make bigger mingles.”

Lead Developer
Clearwater, FL

More breaks for less burnout

If you are running around putting out fires, you are likely to become disengaged and less productive. Your breaks can be used wisely – to connect in-person with others and improve communication.

Enjoy work more by getting to know your team

As your team grows, keeping everyone connected face-to-face can become a huge challenge. Get to know the people around you one small group at a time to level up your professional life.

Between departments
Beyond hierarchies
Across internal silos
Among social groups

Kick up the connections

See how you can forge authentic connnections faster and strengthen the culture between everyone on your team!