Do These 4 Things to Battle Zoom Fatigue This Week

Rachel Swearingen

Remember What it Was Like to Hang Out With People?

Right now during the COVID-19 outbreak, scores of us are at home, wondering when it will eventually be okay to emerge and interact with others again, battling with the harsh reality of “Zoom Fatigue”

The only reminders we have of other people are the brief, safely distanced interactions with our Instacart delivery people and the video chats and meetings via our laptops, cell phones, and tablets. 

It’s almost enough to make you feel like a member of the “Band on the Run” that was the subject of the Wings and Paul McCartney billboard hit so many years ago– ”stuck inside these four walls, sent inside forever…”

”stuck inside these four walls, sent inside forever…”

While it can be nice to see other people via video chat platforms such as Zoom, this in itself can be draining. In a normal office setting, these meetings would be in different locations. 

Right now, most of us are spending more time in front of a screen and sitting in uncomfortable chairs for more hours a day then we ever have, contributing to a new phenomenon called “Zoom fatigue.”

We’re All Physically, Emotionally, & Mentally Exhausted Already

For the past couple months, we have all felt a sense of impending doom that we just can’t seem to shake, thanks to alarming news stories and the uncertainty of when this will all end. 

Whether you have a house full of screaming kids fighting over the TV or tablet or you live alone and have started conversing with yourself in the mirror on the regular — the stressors are certainly plentiful.

This pandemic causes a tension most of us have never felt before and that tension alone is exhausting. We’re all completely and utterly exhausted in every single way–physically, emotionally, and mentally. Combine that with constantly being on Zoom meetings, and it’s understandable that we all feel drained.

How We Can Avoid Zoom Fatigue

There are some ways to work to avoid feeling the pressure of constantly being on video and trying to pick up on others’ social cues. Unless you’re a reality TV star, you’re not used to being on camera all the time and it’s a huge adjustment to realize that anyone in the meeting could be staring at your face at any time. Some suggestions to avoid Zoom fatigue include:

  1. Use your cell phone to call into meetings once in a while. Unless your company requires you to put in the face time, you can still easily participate via a phone call. This takes the pressure off of you when it comes to being on camera.
  2. Take breaks in between your meetings. This doesn’t mean take a break to check your email. Stand up, do some exercise, or go outside for a bit. Keeping your eyes on your screens all day isn’t good for you.
  3. Ensure that you have an area inside your home that is set aside for work only. You don’t want to feel like you are constantly on the clock and there needs to be some boundaries set up, even inside the house or apartment. 
  4. Encourage your boss or manager to set up different types of events. For example, schedule an event through fun new tools like, Hopin, or Lunchpool. Our interface allows you to network in a freeform manner–we even have virtual tables where you can sit with other people to have a chat. Instead of feeling trapped inside a Zoom screen, use our platform to interact with others who you may not usually get a chance to speak to or see. We’ve found that the most meaningful interactions come from sitting around a table that’s not much bigger than your average carpool!

None of us know just how long this whole global pandemic will last. Make sure your mental health and happiness is a priority and start choosing behaviors that will help you do that. 

You can’t take care of others without taking care of yourself, and that includes figuring out your new normal and learning how to battle fatigue and exhaustion caused by constant video meetings.

Are you tired of the same Zoom meetings day-in and day-out during the global pandemic? We are, too!

At Lunchpool, we know how important it is to interact with others and form key relationships with your co-workers. 

Now more than ever, as we continue to socially isolate, it’s vital to have those relationships. Let us host your next virtual event so you can shake things up some at your workplace and make new connections. 

We’re all tired of the same day-in and day-out Zoom meetings! Hit us up today at 865-236-1886 or shoot us an email at to discuss how we can help prescribe some meaningful virtual fun to cure your zoom fatigue for good.

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