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Get to Know Your Coworkers Over Your Lunch Break

Join the other highly productive teams using our award-winning app to build stronger connections & work smarter together – one lunch at a time!

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We make meeting your coworkers easier

Getting to know your fellow coworkers doesn’t have to be difficult. With our app, finding and rotating lunch buddies has never been easier!

Unlock Cross-Team Collaboration

Instead of just taking turns working on documents, experience an unparalleled improvement in cross-team efficiency.

Streamline Communication

When you get to know your coworkers over lunch, information flows easily and freely through the new connections you’ve built while having fun getting to know the people around you.

Grow your network, accomplish more!

The network effect you will experience from using lunchpool will give create and amplify a new sense of meaning and purpose in your work.

Experience Fresh Perspectives

How often do you get the chance to get a completely fresh point of view from someone outside the group you regularly work with? Imagine what you can learn!

Unleash True Innovation

Ideas for improved methods of doing business naturally increase because of all the new connections

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We’re transforming the way companies think about lunch

Working through lunch doesn’t actually mean someone is a better or more productive worker. Studies have shown that lone eaters were more likely to experience loss in productivity and creativity. Let’s actually take our break, and use the time wisely!

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